The Top Mid Power Outboards of 2019: Lean and Mean

Good things do come in small packages, at least in outboard engines. The mid range horsepower range is an ultra competitive category in the boat world. For high performance, there really isn’t anything out of the box that really is a high performance engine per say, but there are some really good engines, and with some minor modifications can be made into economical performers

Classified Classics

You know what? I love this design. The overall look of this old Baja is amazing. Unless it comes with about $8,000 worth of cocaine in it though, it might be hard to justify spending that much. Some boats are absolutely pristine, and you have to pony up if you love it. Not sure, without seeing it. But I always resort to the car comparison, what would a 1987 Camaro Z28 be worth to you? If it was flawless, and you loved it, maybe it is worth $12,500. But probably not.

Testing the Top Sport Catamarans: Riding With Bob Teague

Speed on the Water released their November issue featuring the inaugural Sport Cat / Verado 400R Outboard Roundup, called “Killer Six Pack.” The article was important for several reasons. For one, it allowed some of the top builders to showcase their latest creations in one of the more exciting categories in performance boating.