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Somebody please buy this boat. So many people wander through life with no identity, no sense of self, never answering the question; “why am I here.” This is the key to your life. The worst case scenario is you get it out, way offshore, and the engines die, and they will. These old OMC V8s had all kinds of issues. You drift for about 8 hours, slowly lose your mind and attempt to swim to shore, only to succumb to your destiny 20 yards into the swim. But at least you had an exciting life, all because of this awesome boat.

Testing the Top Sport Catamarans: Riding With Bob Teague

Speed on the Water released their November issue featuring the inaugural Sport Cat / Verado 400R Outboard Roundup, called “Killer Six Pack.” The article was important for several reasons. For one, it allowed some of the top builders to showcase their latest creations in one of the more exciting categories in performance boating.