Wave to Wave is a magazine dedicated to performance boats. We focus on restoration projects, technical articles and stories about fast boats.



A Brief History

Wave to Wave is a culmination of passion and interest. From devouring pages of Powerboat Magazine and Hot Boat as a kid, to tinkering with homemade hydroplanes and graduating to bigger and faster boats, I knew I wanted to turn my passion into something tangible. I am fascinated by boats of all kinds. My grandfather manufactured boats and my Dad was a boat dealer and builder as well. Performance boating, to me, is all about improvement. It is about finding the right prop, blueprinting your hull, shaving some weight off, trying to get the most out of your set up. Performance boating is the art of extracting efficiency from your boat. We want to appeal to any boater interested in performance tips, new products, restoration projects and anything else to do with performance boats.  Wave to Wave is based in NY, USA.