Classified Classics Archive

Classified Classics Archive

SeaHawk 38

I don't know anything about SeaHawk other than they were around during the 80s heydays of Miami offshore drug running... um, I mean boat building. This one looks rough. Hopefully it has some cocaine stowed away somewhere under the front, so you can get some value out of it. 

Stingray 220

The only thing that is a bigger mess than this boat is probably the guy that owns it. If you're wondering why your wife left you after 3 years, just look at your boat. It wasn't because every football Sunday you would pass out on the floor in a pool of Budweiser and Doritos, she just told you that to not hurt your feelings.

Hydrostream V-King

Very good Hydrostream model, nice size. This will need everything. But, a great project and because Streams are light and fast, you can start with a modest engine. You'll see guys running hopped up 2.5s or big Yamahas, but those guys are related to the guys who ride sport bikes in surf shorts and flip flops doing wheelies on the highway. You can run a modern 115 to 150 HP and it will really perform well. 

Monday December 4, 2017

duck boat

This is not a boat we would normally put in, it is not a performance boat of any kind. But, $5,500??? For the love of all things, how much crack do you have to smoke to think this would be worth even $1k. I hope this person gets the help they need and their family intervenes because obviously they smoking too much crack or something. 

Monday November 27, 2017

Four Winns Liberator

Do you know why people line up for blocks to buy the latest iPhone or latest computer? Because they want to buy one, it's hot item. This old Four Winns isn't. I wouldn't trade a new iPhone for this but I have to say the styling is very cool. It looks retro without looking dated, probably not a bad hull either. What's it worth? Same as the latest iPhone, around $1,000. 

Wednesday November 22, 2017

Scarab 33

When the ad title has "Miami Vice" in it, you really have to ask yourself is this someone I want to deal with? And for the record, I love that show but this boat has basically nothing to do with the show. The description actually makes you not want to buy the boat and so does the price.

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Monday November 13, 2017

Checkmate 21 Pulsare

Great hull design. Not the greatest quality in this era of Checkmate, they used wood construction that wasn't often sealed that well. Replacing the transom, stringers and floor is not the end of the world but just be sure you are ready for that and you get it for the right price.

Monday October 30, 2017

Chris Craft Stinger

Even though this is not the same model used in Miami Vice, it would be cool to paint it the same, just tell people it is. Then see if you can get the kit to convert the old C3 Vette to a Ferrari Daytona and wear old school suits everywhere. Hopefully you have good hair or this won't work. That would be fun but super weird. 

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Apache Brave 28

Wow. If you can afford it just buy it. You can buy cheaper boats, you can even buy a new SL 500 Mercedes like every other old guy, you can get hair transplants, facelift, years of therapy and endless drunken rampages but this will add 20 years to your life and make you look way cooler. Built like a brick house.


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