Classified Classics

Classified Classics

Tuesday September 10, 2019

formula 242

Can you imagine putting a 1988 Ford Thunderbird up for sale for $13,000. And I’m not talking about a mint condition 88 Thunderbird that a celebrity owned for a year. I’m talking rolled back odometer, Walmart seat covers and it was responsible for running over and killing a 10 year old girl on a skateboard. Some people have no idea what is going on.

Friday July 26, 2019

Screenshot (102).png

You’ve worked really hard, you’ve saved up, avoided the trap of getting married and having kids. Every time you saw a boat rumble by the marina, you made yourself a promise. Sure, it’s a waste of money, the fuel bills alone could pay the mortgage on a decent 3 bed house, but that’s not the point. You only live once, we never know when our time is up and this was a very cool boat brand from cocaine running days of Miami. Built like a tank, probably weighs as much as a modern 50 footer. Some vinyl graphics, and some wax and the idiot at the marine who just dropped $200k+ on Sea Ray will be insanely jealous. Trust me, you’ve been on the sidelines of life long enough. Buy it, point it towards the sun, put the throttles down and start living.

Wednesday June 19, 2019

sidewinder boat(81).png

Nothing wrong with an old Sidewinder, but this is over 40 years old. I wouldn’t pay $5k if they also had kidnapped my son, and it was the only way I could get him back. Are people completely out of their minds. If they took my daughter I’d probably pay it though. But I would immediately take the boat to the dump. Look at that paint job.

Tuesday May 14, 2019

21 Liberator.png

An old Liberator 21, these are made in Texas, and are very cool. Probably needs a lot of work, but it would be worth it on a boat like this. Checkout our restoration features on a beautiful Liberator restoration. Love this, a classic

Wednesday April 10, 2019

Baja sport 230.png

You know what? I love this design. The overall look of this old Baja is amazing. Unless it comes with about $8,000 worth of cocaine in it though, it might be hard to justify spending that much. Some boats are absolutely pristine, and you have to pony up if you love it. Not sure, without seeing it. But I always resort to the car comparison, what would a 1987 Camaro Z28 be worth to you? If it was flawless, and you loved it, maybe it is worth $12,500. But probably not.

Friday March 15, 2019

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Cougar offshore tunnel.png

Somebody please buy this boat. So many people wander through life with no identity, no sense of self, never answering the question; “why am I here.” This is the key to your life. The worst case scenario is you get it out, way offshore, and the engines die, and they will. These old OMC V8s had all kinds of issues. You drift for about 8 hours, slowly lose your mind and attempt to swim to shore, only to succumb to your destiny 20 yards into the swim. But at least you had an exciting life, all because of this awesome boat.

Thursday January 17, 2019

Kryptonite 27

Awesome boat. I love single engine boats in this size range. If you want a hardcore runner, that can handle big water, but still gets the efficiency of a smaller single engine boat, this is hard to beat. Kryptonite made super competitive race boats, and were low volume, making them hard to find. If Satan came back to earth and needed a single engine offshore hull, he would be shopping for this. I think Superboat has the molds for the CC version of the 27’, and 29'.

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Thursday December 27, 2018

Action Marine

These are cool boats, you see them around Florida quite a bit. I believe they made an 18, 19 and 20. Originally splashed from a Hydrostream, and well made, depending on who built it, as the company may have changed hands at some point. I should know more about these, I love the lines, and they really fly.

Monday December 10, 2018

Mirage Trovare 232

You don’t see a genuine Donzi 16 outboard, which I believe was called a Baby 16. This guy took it upon himself to do surgery on an 18’ Donzi Classic and convert it to an outboard. I love outboard conversions, but, I generally advise not cutting out a transom well, and going with a bracket instead, for many reasons. Got to give him credit for trying. I’m sure Donzi purists are punching their computers and wish the guy put a built 600 + HP engine with a surface drive to prove to everyone how fast Donzi’s are.

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Thursday November 8, 2018

Eliminator Daytona

Some guys like fishing boats, some guys like ski boats, and others like sending themselves at 120+ MPH across the water with 1,000 HP of big block Chevy behind them, that is on nitrous, while they hang on to the wheel that is controlling a tiny piece of metal that determines if they live or die.

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Monday October 15, 2018

Chris Craft Stinger

Own this, and own a piece of history. Looks to be in beautiful condition. Put this classic Chris Craft on your bucket list, then immediately go buy it, and check it off the list. You are on your way with this boat. Later, on your death bed, when you are gasping for air from a ventilator in some shitty hospital, at least you can say you got one thing done on your bucket list before you get sent to heaven.

Wednesday September 26, 2018

Checkmate ZT 240

You know what. I kind of like these. I believe it has a 24 degree deadrise hull. Not a bad way to get in the game and have a little wave crusher.

Monday September 10, 2018

Checkmate Pulsare 21 BR

I've said it before, the 21 Pulsare is the best Checkmate hull design and their best boat. I really like these. But, this is a tough one because I hate bowriders. Bowriders are terrible design for any boat, but especially a performance boat. Everything here is great, but you that one deal breaker. It's like you meet the girl of your dreams and you find out her Dad is in the FBI, or her ex boyfriend went missing never to be found, or she's an environmentalist; something horrific like that. Closed bow 21 Pulsares are awesome though. 

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Monday August 13, 2018

Eliminator Daytona 25 tunnel hull

If you're looking for a sport cat, this looks like an amazing opportunity. These early 25' Daytonas are very nice looking. The best part of this one is the fairly plain graphics, because the biggest problem with boats from this era is the horrific graphics and colors often seen back then. This era was peak circus colors, flames, and ridiculous patterns, but this looks tasteful enough. Great entry boat if you're new to sport cats. Still look amazing. 

Tuesday July 31, 2018

Screenshot 2018-07-31 at 3.02.12 PM.png

I really like Eliminators, a real staple of the West Coast boat scene. The Eagle 230 is a great size and great looking. I hate bowriders though. In California, they love bowriders. I hate having people in the bow, and the extra weight and other safety things about it. But in California, it's not a problem, because the area is so overpopulated, if you lose a few people out of the bow, you just pull into shore and pick up a few more, it's no big deal really. Plus, boating in California is more about just blasting music and passing out in the sun at the river bank. 

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Friday June 29, 2018

checkmate persuader 234

Like a lot of boats from Checkmate, I've heard mixed reviews on these. Low and sleek, pretty fast, but I've heard they don't handle too much power well. And, sometimes handle poorly above 70 MPH. Sleek, but old school looking. Maybe a clean one for a really good deal would work. I wouldn't invest a lot into one though. 

Tuesday June 12, 2018

Baia force one 60

I don't want to give financial advice to anyone, but if you bought this boat it would be like giving a prostitute with a cocaine addiction access to your bank account. In fact I'm not sure which one would drain your bank faster, the prostitute or the boat, it would be interesting to see. Both the prostitute and the boat will have pros and cons, but in the end you'll be broke with nothing but amazing stories.

Monday June 4, 2018

21 Shadow twin mercury racing

Overkill? You bet. This thing looks tired. A well sorted 21 Shadow with a 300 is scary fast, so this is insane. Great looking boat though, one of our earliest restoration features was on a 21 Shadow and it was awesome. I would go back to a single though; because like booze and gambling, less is more sometimes. 

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Tuesday May 22, 2018

Hydrostream Hustler

You know when you see your kids school classroom or visit a school and see the desks for kids, and think, how the hell does anyone fit behind those desks. That's kind of what we have here, although these mini tunnels can be cool for fun. 

Monday May 7, 2018

Spectre 30 cat

A very classic looking Cat, priced much better than it's peers. Although most paint jobs from the 2000's would make Prince want to barf, this one isn't too bad, although I can see about 8 different colors so it's pushing it. 

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Monday April 9, 2018

Sleekcraft Enforcer

Although the Sleekcraft name is best known for low slung jets and outboards, like the Aristocrat, SST and Diplomat, the Southern California company made a line called Enforcer, from 23' to 28' I believe. These had deeper hulls and were known for their high quality gel work and performance. This one is pretty rare with twin outboards, making it a good candidate to easily re-power. Bruce Nescher was the founder, and made some amazing boats since the late 60s. Pretty classic boat here.

Monday March 26, 2018

Fountain 32 fever

These are real classic Fountains, maybe my favorite consumer Fountain other than the 24' CS and the 29' Fever. Such good lines, goes great with these 377s I'm sure. Drives and handles great. I don't mind the outrageous colors on this, they don't scream drug dealer, maybe used car dealer who used to do a lot of drugs, now enjoys a couple Coors Lights at the local poker run. Great boat. 

Wednesday March 14, 2018

21 Superboat

I love these hulls, the 21 Superboat being a descendant of the 21 Challenger. Definitely worth restoring, the color looks great on this one. Most of these boats, SOB type boat, were made in and around Long Island. Be warned, the owners are like those surfer guys who are territorial, like a gang, very dedicated group. You have to join the "gang" if you get one, have it setup the way they do and brag about how fast it is on all the forums that will accept you. 

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Friday March 2, 2018

Master Craft Pro Star stars and stripes

I know it's not a performance boat by any stretch but it is really cool. If you want a vintage boat that should hold its value, this could be it. And you can use it for water sports without looking like a complete asshole in a $150k piece of shit glorified speaker holder. 

Friday February 9, 2018

Scarab 1

I have to admit, even though I'm not the biggest Wellcraft Scarab fan, this is a good looking old boat. The trick is to not put any money into it. Don't restore it. Drive the shit out of it and just make sure you always have an small inflatable beside you and a life preserver on at all times. One day the hull will totally de-laminate or it will just get a gas vapor explosion and just blow up. Not to worry, just grab your inflatable and preserver, your favorite beer koozie and swim it in. Think about the great times you had with it and don't look back; that's if you survive.

22 Apache Scout

If it's a real Apache Scout, I love the hull but this particular one is a mess. It would be like finding a woman on the street that used to be supermodel, got addicted to drugs, lost everything and was living on the street for 10 years. You could take her in, nurse her back to health and help her get back on her feet and you could potentially be dating a "supermodel" but it wouldnt' be easy. 

Sonic 24 OB

There is nothing good that can come from buying this boat. The engines weren't great in 1989, the boat is probably rotten and doesn't look good. If I had to compare it to a car, it would be a 1980s Gen 3 Firebird that you find in someones's yard that hasn't run in over a decade. The only value would be if there was a dead body inside that helped solve a murder case. 

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Friday February 2, 2018

Hallett 300

Classy, big, practical and timeless. This is a real show piece here, for that price it will be hard to do much better. If you have no friends and have no social skills, you could buy this and have 6 new friends every weekend, even if you're a total weirdo. 

Baker 18 v hull

I absolutely love this boat. Smaller V hulls like this are some of the most fun boats to drive, super practical and are efficient, so you don't waste $5k on gas every weekend on your "sport deck boat." Baker made some unique boats over the years, this one looks really cool with the blue blended gelcoat, just buy. 

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Thursday January 25, 2018

29 Phantom Offshore

This is a serious race boat here, and a very well regarded hull. Built by Phantom, which is owned by Will Smith, who was an avid racer, not the movie star. These things look and are built "all business" so know that you're getting a hull built for racing. I believe Will Smith still builds these in Sarasota Florida. Very cool boat. 

Tuesday January 16, 2018

Wellcraft Scarab 22

We see lots of these on the market, which is a good thing. I think although many criticize some Wellcrafts, there is good value here. This is a very good looking boat, the hull is pretty good. The 22 closely resembles the Scarab 23 SCS in looks, which is built by Scarab, not Wellcraft. The 2 boats are totally different, but both are real head turners. They are priced very well, considering what people ask for similar boats that are about the same quality. The Wellcraft 22 had a neat interior, it's a pretty small boat but I think they look great and are a good family performance boat. 

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Chris Craft Scorpion 312

This is truly a legendary boat, the hull is designed by Jean-Claude Simon who was a successful racer and owned the Cary Boat Company. Chris Craft was floundering in the 70s and was turned around by Dick Genth in 1978. Dick was not only a real boat guy but an incredible business guy, who had previously run Thunderbird / Formula and Wellcraft to profitability. Dick did the same to Chris Craft, changed their lineup, build process and introduced the Stinger line in the 80s. This might be the best Stinger and looks similar to the famous Stinger 390X seen in Miami Vice. Buy it and keep it forever. 

Monday January 8, 2018

Sanger V drive

This boat is a disaster. These old flat bottom V drives are for show, it isn't good at anything. You can't take passengers, it's not that fast, handles like crap, porpoises at low speeds and this one needs about 25,000 hours of labor to get it on the water. If you're lucky, you'll get it running pretty fast, get pushed sideways in a wave, flip it and not get killed. That's the best case scenario. The price is insane too, he should be paying you to take it away. 

Glastron CVX 20

This is a very cool looking boat, we even had an article about the Art Carlson designed Glastrons. This one will be a mega project, you will never see your kids, you will get married twice and loose about $3,000 worth of tools in the process. That maiden voyage though will be epic. Don't do it. 

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Cigarette 35 Cafe Racer

I know how tempting it is when you see an old offshore boat, especially from a big name like Cigarette, and it is priced less than a new Camry. But don't fall for it. This one, no engine, is over 30 years old. Apparently only 300 hours on the hull, since when do hulls have hour meters? Let's do some quick math: 32 years = 11,680 days, 300 hours divided by 11,680 days = 0.025 of an hour a day or in other terms, 9 hours per year. Makes you wonder what happened to those low hour engines? The cost to restore and repower this, well, you might want to look at Top Gun's that are only 5 to 10 years old. If you're dating a girl who has been divorced, been to rehab and lived in more than 4 cities, and she tells you she's only slept with 12 guys in her life. Feel free to multiply that by 10, if she's from Florida, feel free to multiply by 100. Nothing wrong with that, but know you'll have your work cut out for you. 

Sutphen 20

An old school Sutphen 20, great boat. This one looks good, but I think it's a tad overpowered. Call me old fashioned but these were meant run really well with small blocks back in the day and they do. This is just overpowered. I'd be tempted to de-rig this and repower with a 350 to 400 HP, MerCruiser, turn key package. That way you can get rid of the hood scoop and the drive. Trust me, if you run this thing as is full throttle, wear a diaper. 

Cigarette Top Gun

Again, very tempting here. A Cigarette for the price of a Civic with a flood title or is the price a typo and it is 120K? Probably a typo. Although the old Top Guns are decent hulls, albeit pretty heavy, this might be a full resto. That said, I love the paint scheme, not the eagle in the bow, but overall, at least it doesn't have some 90s or 2000s poker run barf paint job. Other good news about re-powering these old boats is newer turn key engines with warranty are making more power than custom high end built engines from 25 years ago. 

32 Renegade Condor offshore

I don't know much about Renegade but it could be the same company from Miami that makes center consoles now. Really interesting looking boat and I love outboards, so much easier to work on and replace on a boat like this. Plus, you can't beat the performance and efficiency. This could be a very cool boat, but like everything in Florida, inspect carefully.

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Formula 292 Fastech

This is actually one of my favorite Formulas. It won't be the fastest 30 out there, nor is it the best deal around. But, they look classy and they are way more family friendly with a full windshield, spacious interior. This is great for the guy who still wants a go fast boat, lives near some big water, still doesn't have life insurance but has a family. Clean graphics, timeless design. These things new are pricey so this isn't a bad deal. 

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