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Carl Kiekhaefer: Marine Industry Revolutionist

In every industry there are pioneers, inventors and hawkers but the real changemakers are the ones that are revolutionists. They are seldom the first in any given arena but they are the first to repurpose, reinvent and create markets that weren’t realized before. Carl Kiekhaefer was a revolutionist engineer that used his passion for engineering, competitiveness and salesmanship to change the marine industry.

Best Midsize Offshore Boats Right Now

One difficult thing as a boater is finding the ideal boat, the hull that fills most of your needs. Usually, the answer depends on where you boat, who you boat with and what you do on the water. If you run on the ocean or a very large lake, you realize quickly that you need some deadrise and some freeboard to play in the big waves.

The Boat Show: And the Small Manufacturers

I remember as a kid going to the boat show was a chance to see the latest and greatest boats on the market. There was always something interesting to see, from the new engines to the performance boats. It seemed like in the 80s and 90s there was always several performance boat manufacturers that had at least a few boats on display. But in the 2000s, the boat shows kind of changed.

The Best Midsize Sport Boats on the Water

This is a stellar category. Single engine sport boats in the 25’ to 27’ range. I love a single engine sport boat as they have enough size for pretty serious open water, can hold a bunch of people effortlessly and yet they go really fast with a stock engine. This makes them some of the most cost effective boats around.